The Lipstick Mess!

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I recently received a call from Karen S. in Windom, Mn. Karen has been using ProSol All Purpose cleaner for about 20 years. She told me a story that happened recently. She had washed and dried a load of whites, when she opened the drier door she noticed the whites had red streaks throughout. Then she found her daughter's lipstick among the very dry clothes. She used spray and wash pre-spot stain remover and bleach over the stains and she rewashed the clothes. The stains did not come out! Finally after trying all other resources she used ProSol All Purpose Cleaner and she was able to get the stains out completely. She use ProSol straight by spraying it on the fabric, letting is sit a few minutes, rubbing the fabric together and rewashing them. While Karen has been using ProSol for many years she has not used it as a clothing stain remover before. She was very pleased with the results and for her daughter, well lets just say she got a talking too.    

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